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BNSF Railway Logo added to Product Line

Inserted: September 2, 2009


We are now offering the BNSF Railway logo on all your favorite products.


This official BNSF logo, also known as the 'Swoosh' logo is the current logo used by the BNSF Railway. It was introduced on January 24, 2005 when the Burlington Northern Santa Fe decided to update its image and changed its name to BNSF Railway.


The BNSF Railway is one of today's biggest and best Class I railroads. Show your admiration for the BNSF by proudly displaying the BNSF Railway logo on your favorite merchandise.


The BNSF Railway mark is a licensed mark owned by BNSF Railway Company.


Check out our BNSF Railway products here!



Quench Your Thirst With Our Cool Sigg Water Bottle

Inserted: May 24, 2009


With the outdoor season upon us we've introduced a great way to stay cool and quenched: the SIGG water bottle!


Help save the planet while you rehydrate in style with an eye-catching BPA-free water bottle from SIGG. Made from a single piece of aluminum, it's ultra-lightweight yet rugged and crack-resistant. To minimize unwanted tastes and scents, the inside is lined with a water-based, non-toxic epoxy resin that exceeds FDA leaching requirements.

  • Holds 1.0L
  • Recyclable & reusable
  • BPA-free
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Do not freeze

Get yours today!


Check out our Sigg Water Bottles here!



New Dark T-Shirts Added to Product Line

Inserted: February 6, 2009


We have started to expand our already large line-up of products with dark t-shirts!


Soon many of our designs will be available on these exciting new shirts.


These high quality shirts are available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Cardinal
  • Navy Blue
  • Military Green
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Brown
  • Charcoal

Get yours today!


Check out our dark t-shirts here!



New: Great Northern Christmas Card!

Inserted: November 10, 2007


We have added our first Christmas card to our ever expanding line-up of products.


Based on a Christmas Greeting featured on the front of the Great Northern Goat company magazine of 1946, this Christmas card conveys the warm feeling of Christmas intermixed with the image of the Great Northern Railway.


The decorations in the Christmas tree show the upcoming 1947 new streamlined edition of GN's pride passenger train; the Empire Builder. The excitement and anticipation almost jump of the card!


Get your cards now and surprise your family and friends with this beautiful Christmas greeting!


Check out our GN Christmas Card here!



New Long Sleeve T-shirts Added to Product Line

Inserted: November 9, 2006


We have added two exciting new products to our product line!


First; our Men's Long Sleeve T-shirts are now available in Ash-Grey! Of course our white shirts will also remain available so you'll have a choice.


And; we're now also offering Women's Long Sleeve T-shirts! These are available in white.


So, stay warm on those cold winter days and add an extra layer of clothing with these great Long Sleeve T-shirts!


Check out our men's long sleeve t-shirts here!


Check out our women's long sleeve t-shirts here!



Burlington Northern Logo Added to Product Line

Inserted: September 25, 2006


We are now offering the Burlington Northern logo on all your favorite products.


The Burlington Northern Railroad was formed on March 2, 1970 to combine the best of the Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy and the Spokane, Portland & Seattle.  On November 21, 1980 the Frisco joined the forces. A merger on September 22, 1995 with the Santa Fe brought about the BNSF Railway making the Burlington Northern another fallen flag. But the memory of this successful merger railroad still lives one!


Show your admiration for the Burlington Northern Railroad by proudly displaying the BN logo on one of our quality items!

Check out our BN products here!


RRMerchandise.com Opens Its Doors!

Inserted: January 3, 2006


The online railroad merchandise store, RRMerchandise.com, has opened for business!


At RRMerchandise.com you can find all sorts of railroad merchandise decorated with your favorite railroad logo. Find your favorite logo on T-shirts, hats, mugs, mousepads, tiles, buttons, stickers and much more!


First railroad logos in line are those of the "Hill Lines". Check them out but don't forget to check back often for our newest additions!

Check out our products here!


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